1. We Got It! - LP (FREE DL)

  2. For The Kids - EP (FREE DL)

  3. Beyond The Sea - LP
    Red Richards & Peter Milos McCarthy

  4. H.U.M.A.N.I.T.Y. - LP (FREE DL)
    Family Business

  5. Humanity Remixes - LP (FREE DL)
    Family Business

  6. Like That - EP (FREE DL)
    Family Business

  7. Arcane 13th - LP
    Idiosyncrasy (Red Richards & Aris)

  8. Messenger... Of The Divine Wills - LP (FREE DL)
    Red Richards

  9. Logical Volume 2 - LP
    Various artists

  10. Train Station - EP
    Maximilian Beck

  11. The Pool - EP
    Chris Titus & Red Richards

  12. NZT - EP

  13. Logical Volume 1 - LP
    Various artists

  14. In House We Trust - EP
    Red Richards & Simon Sim's

  15. Walking On This Planet - EP
    Breger & Manu Ferrantini feat Alekai

  16. The Last Dance - EP
    Loic Lozano

  17. I Want To Believe - EP
    Red Richards vs Max Beck

  18. Haumea - EP

  19. B-sides - EP
    Red Richards & Friends

  20. Before Midnight - EP
    Red Richards & Raico

  21. Road Trip - EP (FREE DL)
    Red Richards & Raico

  22. Deep Reader - EP (FREE DL)
    Red Richards & Raico

  23. Loophole - EP (FREE DL)
    Red Richards

  24. I Made You - EP (FREE DL)
    Red Richards vs Onetram

  25. Code - EP (FREE DL)
    Red Richards vs Onetram

  26. Lost Memories - EP (FREE DL)
    Red Richards vs Onetram

  27. With All Your Soul - EP
    Red Richards vs Onetram

  28. Wall Street Bitches - EP
    Red Richards vs Onetram

  29. Kyoto's Angels - EP
    Red Richards

  30. Sakura - EP (FREE DL)
    Red Richards feat. Nana Chica

  31. Babylon - EP (FREE DL)
    1★Twins aka Samurai Women

  32. Livin' In Hartley - EP (FREE DL)
    Red Richards

  33. Jazzy Lounge Attitude - EP (FREE DL)
    Red Richards

  34. Jasmine Tea - Single (FREE DL)
    Red Richards

  35. In Off Sound From Run - EP (FREE DL)
    Red Richards


Red Richards Production Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

From Paris FRANCE to Philadelphia USA.

RED is a versatile music producer and prolific composer with releases in a wide range of musical styles. His fresh compositions and innovative arrangements result from his unique ability to mix and reconcile different sounds and genres.
He is inspired with the vision of creating a bridge across different geographic points and cultures via electronic music.
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